Benefits of Coworking Space in Quezon city to Students , Online Classes ,English-Learning

Benefits of Coworking Space in Quezon city to Students , Online Classes ,English-Learning

The physical classroom is starting to lose its domination in learning. The pervasiveness of the internet and information technology have invaded the four corners of the “brick and mortar” classroom through the offering of online classes. Indeed, the internet has made significant changes in the lives of people. However, if years before, the internet could only be found in trade and commerce, mass media, and other professional networks; nowadays, online learning is being made possible by the accessibility , special in big city “ Quezon city ”, speed in transmission, and vastness of sources and availability of information of web-based technologies. It provides numerous benefits, not only to the students, but also to researchers and educators. The advantages of online classes are convenience, flexibility, being connected to the global village, promotes continuous learning, providing real world skills, giving chances to people from small and economically-disadvantaged communities, reduced costs, and considers individual differences.

It took some years before online learning has become an accepted means of pedagogy. Interestingly, in just a short span of time, it has not only become an alternative approach to learning and studying for people who have little time and are limited by geographical constraints. Rather, classes being offered online have seen great rise in demand. so where is the Benefits of Coworking Space in Quezon city to Students , Online Classes or English-Learning

  1. Convenience

Experts believe that the biggest advantage of coworking spaces to english-learning online is convenience. In this type of learning, there is actually no excuse of not attending or passing one’s work since the virtual classroom, which is the coworking space, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Convenience means that everything that one needs is readily available, both the students and the educator, such as notes, assignments, quizzes, readings, and other important announcements.

  1. Flexibility

Coworking spaces cut the challenges of distance and time. English-learning has been able to make this possible because of the flexibility of learning that it offers due to the computer-generated environment. Arkorfu and Abaidoo explained, “Every student has the luxury of choosing the place and time that suits him/her…the adoption of english-learning provides the institutions as well as their students or learners the much flexibility of time and place of delivery or receipt of according to learning information” (401). Both the educators and the students can explore more ways of learning and teaching in a coworking space due to the luxury of choosing a place and time that suit them. For example, the student can watch an instructional video online as many times as possible, which is very helpful if the lesson is particularly difficult for the student. Doing this is something not provided in the traditional setting.

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  1. Promotion of Continuous and Lifelong Learning

Coworking spaces encourage distance learning. It suits the new trend in english-learning which is continuous or lifelong learning. Before the advent of the internet, most people would easily give up their desire to pursue continuous learning or higher studies because they did not have the time to continue their studies due to work or family. However, this has changed tremendously in the past years because of the accessibility, convenience, and flexibility of online classes. Online classes create countless possibilities for people who always seek knowledge and who love the thrill of discovering new trends, ideas, as well as the challenges of studying again after long periods of not being in school.

  1. Reduced Costs

One of the main reasons people flock to coworking spaces is the reduced costs. Similarly, english-learning or online classes are cost-effective. This is especially true in this recent period wherein the costs for college and higher education are continuously becoming more expensive. Nguyen further explained, “The rising cost of postsecondary education and the importance of a postsecondary degree are well documented in the literature. The lifetime earning gap between high school graduates and college graduates is continuing to widen.” However, when all high school graduates are given the alternative option of taking online classes, this gap can be gradually closed.

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Benefits of Coworking Spaces in Quezon city to Students of Online Classes or English-Learning