5 Reasons You Should Work In A Co working Space philippines ( SWING SPACE KATIPUNAN)


1. Cost Efficiency
Renting an office per square meter is expensive. Renting in a premier office location is crazily exorbitant. The high price still does not include the fees that need to be allocated for office renovation, buying of office furniture and fixtures, and application fees for internet and landline connections. Thus, putting an office in a coworking space is affordable because one does not have to undergo all the processes mentioned above. With coworking, affordability and flexibility hand in hand.
2. Work and Home Boundaries
A work-from-home job is undeniably convenient. However, working at home poses a lot of distractions that hinder work productivity. Home-related matters like family, children, pets, house chores, and even the mere presence of one’s bed and couch draw one’s attention from work. Moreover, working from home can also be lonely. With co working, this feeling of isolation and constant distractions will end.
3. Productivity Surge
Co working space provides an environment of different people-professionals, freelancers, students-from varied industries eager to make a difference in their own fields. Seeing these people doing the work they love the most and doing them well inspires others to be the same. Furthermore, co working spaces offer comfortable work spaces. Usually, there is no designated work space
4. Networking Opportunities
Co working is socializing, networking, and building communities of like-minded individuals. People will always have the chance to learn something new. There is no competition since these people do not come from a single office. A co working space is always full of positive energy that motivates people to overcome their doubts and fuel their creativity.
5. Central Location
Most co working spaces are centrally located in business, commercial, and school districts. The strategic location provides hassle-free commute for coworkers. Swing Space Katipunan is located along Katipunan Avenue, conveniently placed nearby some of the country’s premier schools like Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines Diliman, and Miriam College. It is easily accessible for professionals and students alike and just a stone’s throw away from restaurants and transportation options.

CO WORKING SPACE (co-working space)
A coworking space provides private ,nice and individuals, a groups of people can meet each other, make friend and have more opportunity to get more customer when they are working together in Swingspace coworking space , beautiful desk space in Swingspace katipunan , co working space katipunan have a lot of featured meeting rooms and desk, you can swing in your space when you are working . come to Swingspace Co-working space you can get unlimited tea and coffee , shared working environment,start up even can often an office with very nice price and it independent activity. 

With Coworking space , you can found out your coworker also your customer  

# 5 Reasons You Should Work In A Co working Space philippines